"Dignity's success has caught the attention of people on the streets around the world who want to know how they could organize for their own self-sustainability. The toolkit is not only an instructional DVD on how to create alternative housing, but also on the larger potential for innovation and organization from the streets up."

- Joanne Zuhl, Streets Roots Managing Editor, Portland, OR

"I could feel something change in the room as we were watching the DVD at Food Not Bombs. The meetings were held and facilitated by homeless people to which government officials and service providers were invited but were asked to be there simply to listen. The government officials came and they listened. This is a huge shift...and it seems to be working, thanks to the inspiration of the Toolkit."

- Liz Seymour, Food Not Bombs, Greensboro, NC

"I applaud the collaborative efforts of Dignity Village and Kwamba Productions in creating the Tent Cities Toolkit as a valuable resource and outreach tool to assist other cities across our state and even across the nation with practical information on how homeless people can work with city governments to secure safe shelter in a peer-supported, community-based environment. ... Dignity Village accomplishes something that many government programs fail to do: The Village gives hope, a sense of self-worth and community to people who come there from complete isolation on the streets."

- City Commissioner Erik Sten, Portland, OR

"...the video work is wonderful. It's a very effective tool for generating compassion for people who need help to be able to be more effective taking care of themselves. ... We're looking forward to spreading awareness about what everyone has done up there with the Village."

- Sean Gordon, Ashland Homeless Alliance, Ashland, OR



Dignity Village, 2008
Laura Brown, resident and member of Dignity Village

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