Participatory action research projects with marginalized communities, addressing social issues through the collaborative creation of interactive video-based toolkits which inspire, empower, and motivate people to take action.



Doing it with Dignity is a participatory action research project in which members of the homeless community of Dignity Village have turned to storytelling through video in order to re-establish a shared vision and increase community participation.




Tent Cities Toolkit: A multimedia grassroots primer is an interactive DVD organizing tool focused on issues of homelessness and the role of tent cities in fighting the injustices facing the poor. Through informative videos and computer-based resources, the Tent Cities Toolkit offers practical hands-on information on the creation of grassroots, democratic tent city communities as a necessary step to resolving homelessness.


The At Home At School Toolkit provides video and computer-based research documents and resources from the At Home At School (AHAS) program developed by Dr. Susan Finley at Washington State University.

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