Video-based interactive media products to enhance teaching, learning, and training. In collaboration with content specialists worldwide, we create pedagogically effective media tools adapted for each unique audience. Our clients include academic institutions, textbook publishers, and international non-profit agencies, and our products span across fields such as microfinance and poverty, medicine and health, and psychology and mental illness.

Microfinance + Poverty


Educación Financiera: Su Dinero y Su Futuro is a series of videos for the Mexican banking community to enhance financial education and literacy among low-income Mexican citizens (in Spanish).



The Listening to Clients Series is a groundbreaking visual and interactive market research training program on DVD and video-CD, providing instruction on microfinance research tools for enhancing community organizing and development through financial management in developing countries worldwide.


Medicine + Health


Simple Modified Posterior Vestibulectomy is an instructional video for gynecologists which demonstrates a pioneering surgical procedure for the treatment of vulvar vestibulitis, developed by Dr. Martha Goetsch of Oregon Health & Sciences University, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.


Personal Health Interactive CD-ROM and website serves as a college-level resource for students in general health classes.  Using a virtual "Wellness Clinic," students record their daily activities in a variety of health behaviors to monitor and improve their overall health and wellness.



Faces of Abnormal Psychology is an educational video for university students which explores case studies in psychopathology, providing compassionate portraits of people living with mental illness.



The Integrator Online Series: A Multimedia Introduction to Psychology and The Integrator Online Series for Biological Psychology provide interactive exploratory learning activities on CD-ROM that can be incorporated by instructors into classroom lectures or used directly by students for individual-centered learning.

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