Social issue films illuminating controversial topics through the voices and stories of engaging characters. Our documentaries provide in-depth exploration of marginalized communities or misunderstood topics through thought-provoking and informative story-telling. From concept development to finished product, we provide a range of pre-production, production, and post-production services using digital video for our documentaries and for yours.

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  From Doorways to Dignity takes you on a journey through the dark and hidden doorways of America's streets, following a group of homeless citizens who throw off the shackles of poverty and despair to create a home called Dignity Village. These visionaries grab hold of their own American dream and refuse to let go.


A Question of Freedom follows the story of a young orphaned elephant faced with a desperate choice between freedom and domestication. Through his story, the film reveals the mounting tensions between elephants and people in the overcrowded conditions of southern Africa.


A question of freedom


Queens of Heart: Community Therapists in Drag portrays the therapeutic skills of Darcelle XV, a seventy-five year old drag queen, and her fellow performers as they manage the anxieties of patrons at nightly performances at a female impersonation club.

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