Tent Cities Toolkit: A multimedia grassroots primer is an interactive DVD organizing tool focused on issues of homelessness and the role of tent cities in fighting the injustices facing the poor. Through informative videos and computer-based resources, the Tent Cities Toolkit offers practical hands-on information on the creation of grassroots, democratic tent city communities as a necessary step to resolving homelessness entirely. The Toolkit and its linked companion website connect housed and unhoused activists worldwide into a cohesive political force for effective social change.

Created through a collaborative partnership between Dignity Village and Kwamba Productions, the Toolkit uses the visionary example of Dignity Village in Portland, Oregon as a case study. Villagers participated in writing the narration and content, filming short videos, collecting resource materials, and narrating the sections and video content.

*available now!*

2007 | digital video | DVD/DVD-ROM | color | stereo | 130 minutes


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