The At Home At School Toolkit provides video and computer-based research documents and resources from the At Home At School (AHAS) program developed by Dr. Susan Finley at Washington State University. AHAS provides after school tutoring and homework support in shelters and transitional housing, and it includes a five-week summer arts-based instructional program. Simultaneously, AHAS is the site for field-based, community centered undergraduate and graduate teacher education that prepares teachers for their roles as public intellectuals in a diverse society.

digital video | DVD/DVD-ROM | color | stereo

  • Interviews with teachers and students
  • Photographs
  • Video segments and audio interviews
  • Articles and reports
  • Teaching resources

Authored and Developed by:  Dr. Susan Finley, Washington State University – Vancouver
Produced by:  Kwamba Productions
Funded in part by WSU-V, the SWIFT Foundation, and the Larson Legacy
Distributor: TBD

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Image Credits: MIT students at WSU-V.

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