Educación Financiera: Su Dinero y Su Futuro is a series of short videos for the Mexican banking community to enhance financial education and literacy among low-income Mexican citizens. Designed for microfinance and banking institutions throughout Mexico, the DVD consists of an introduction to financial education, a set of training videos to accompany the customized Global Financial Education curriculum package, and a short video on remittances to be shown at Mexican consulates in the US.

The video is a part of the Global Financial Education Project, a partnership between Microfinance Opportunities and Freedom From Hunger, in collaboration with BANSEFI in Mexico City.

2008 | digital video | Spanish | color | stereo | 60 min

Producer / Director: Wendy Kohn
Publisher / Distributor: BANSEFI, with Freedom from Hunger and Microfinance Opportunities
Funded by US-TDA


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