From Doorways to Dignity takes you on a journey to understanding homelessness from a point of view unlike any other ever shown on screen. From hiding in the doorways of America to re-inventing democracy through the birth of an urban tent city called Dignity Village. It is a story about homeless citizens coming together to do something for themselves, to create a community based on love and respect. From Doorways to Dignity is a film about standing up and being heard, even after you have lost everything. A group of homeless visionaries stepped out of the doorways with nothing but their shopping carts, and set out to build a home and a Village, grabbing hold of their own American dream and not letting go.

digital video | English | color | stereo | 60-90 minutes

*In post-production*
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Co-Directors/Co-Cinematography: Heather Mosher, Wendy Kohn
Producer: Wendy Kohn
Village Cinematography: Kenny Two-Dawgs, Ross Bennett, Chrysler Chelle, Dave Hirschman, and Travis Ougheltree
Archival footage: Bryan Pollard
Editor: Tessa Davis
Composer: Deane Ogden Studios
Additional music: Earthforce
Film festivals: TBA

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Image Credits: Jason Kaplan, Bryan Pollard, Lee Larson, and Kwamba.

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